Three guys. One Village. One passion for forward thinking furniture.

In 1984, three men came together to share their vision for reliable, forward-thinking furniture that was well designed and well built. They weren’t a company or a consortium. They were simply three men that shared the same passion for perfection and happened to be born in the same village in Italy. Over the years this continuous personal commitment and attention to detail has become the driving force behind the Borgo® culture and has created the environment that has allowed us to deliver a long lineage of innovation and reliable seating solutions. It is this personal commitment that the name, Borgo® (Italian for Village), is derived. After all, this drive for true perfection can only result from the personal commitment of everyone at Borgo®. And that commitment can only state in one place, at home.

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Bariatric Seating

Borgo®’s Bariatric Healthcare line is specifically focused on size and lends itself to a more accommodating comfort.


Patient Seating

Borgo® brings a full line of patient care solutions, with clean lines, a high level of functionality and comfort.


Recliner/Sleeper Seating

Borgo®’s Recliner/Sleeper line is designed for optimal relaxation with emphasis on comfort, which includes the Notte series, which is a comfortable space saving chair that transforms into a bed.



Borgo® offers the Alza line which combines the function of a pneumatic gas height adjustable table and the convenience of rolling portability, all while keeping your hands clean and free

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We'll contact you as soon as possible to discuss options, finishes and pricing.

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