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The ICE software platform is like a language translator, it translates CAD and BIM/Revit to DIRTT and it translates design details into factory data. Factory data can then also be translated into installation instructions. All pricing is to the penny, based on the amount of each material used. There’s no cost for complexity of design or what’s traditionally thought of as custom and the price doesn’t change unless you change it.


Infinite possibilities, designed to match your design

Your interior designer won’t need to devote any time to learning DIRTT engineering, because ICE software takes care of all the nuts and bolts. Your local DIRTT partner provides design assist to help you value engineer, and determine constructability and the best uses of DIRTT.

The components themselves respond to your intent - design a wall with power outlets, several finishes and an integrated TV, and it automatically prices itself. At the same time, ICE figures out its manufacturing and install data, all while giving stakeholders an interactive 3D experience.


A better spend of design hours

Your design team spends their billable hours delivering design instead of mundane tasks. Shop drawings, elevation details, hardware and finish schedules are all automated.

All the data for constructability, cost and schedule are right there from the start. Everything your design team shows you contains the information you need to make an informed decision.

Closer to move-in, they hone the design to suit up-to-date building conditions and you can keep making changes without hurting your schedule or budget.


Stakeholders experience your whole design in 3D

Many people don’t understand a plan-view drawing, so they delay, they ask for renderings and finally approve something, but they don’t know what.

Every inch of a DIRTT project is in interactive, virtual 3D. Stakeholders –– without any design expertise –– grasp what they see. As they explore and ask for changes, they understand what it will look like and any budget impact.

Your team goes into the model together, walking from room to room. You collaborate and make good decisions quickly.



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Nilex Inc. Case Study

This civil environmental group leveraged DIRTT’s creative and construction flexibility in the renovation and recreation of their new office work space.

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