We provide flexible, future proof space

With DIRTT you can repurpose, reconfigure and renew space without losing your original investment. Universal brackets and plug-and-play power inside the walls support any current or future devices. Better still, any new innovations we develop will work with your original DIRTT because our mission is to always be non-generational.


Ideal solution for showsuites

While showsuites are a great way to showcase possibilities in a building, they are often complicated to lease “as is” and often require substantial modifications, impacting schedule, and have very little flexibility to adapt to your tenants needs.

Using DIRTT solutions, Innerspaces can provide a flexible and agile space for your showsuites. By building the “bones” of the space with DIRTT, we can easily adapt and change the look and feel based on your tenant needs and branding requirement and minimize the impact on schedule. We can easily swap wall tiles, move walls, add writable surface or integrated technology. Everything’s done fast and without a mess.


Minimize your tenant fixturing period and maximize your return on investment

As opposed to a drywall solution, our DIRTT walls don’t have to be demolished and thrown away to be rebuilt. You can simply take them down, store them and reuse the walls, electrical, data and technology to fit the new tenant’s design, minimizing the impact on schedule and on budget.


Accessibility makes maintenance easier

Traditional plumbing, electrical, A/V and networks are integrated into the walls, which is nice and neat, but they’re not always accessible to the right people.

DIRTT Walls look and perform like permanent walls, until your IT or facilities teams need to get inside, then a special tool pops off the wall tile to deal with the culprit in the cavity. No painters, drywallers, tarps or saws. It’s all done quietly, cleanly and, best of all, quickly.


"Create an environment that can evolve with your tenants."


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