Chadwick® by Knoll

Chadwick® by Knoll®

Smart. Comfortable. Easy. Accessible. Just Right.

Don Chadwick, a pioneer of ergonomic design, created a chair that marries the best of his thinking with the finest principles of Knoll design. From its streamlined form to its smart engineering, Chadwick is the office chair refined — and redefined. It responds to your body’s movements throughout the day with energizing comfort and a supportive ride.

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Active Suspension

Active Suspension™ couples two unique features:

Synchronized Recline allows the user’s torso to open up, promoting health circulation and creating a ride that keeps the user’s back in contact with the chair.

Proprietary Suspension Fabric provides energizing support all day long, conforming to the user’s shape and minimizing pressure points. The open weave provides aeration.


Variable Seat Depth

The seat area automatically expands 2.5" from (16.9" to 19.4") when sitting in the chair. This is a function of the recline geometry, which helps accommodate a large range of users.


Built-in Forward Tilt

Built-in Forward Tilt automatically follows and supports users in forward and perching postures without adjustment. Optional Tilt Stop engages upright tilt limiter for less recline.


Lumbar Support

Chadwick features ample lumbar curvature and tension in the back suspension area. For users who require additional lumbar support, an optional lumbar attachment is available.


Straightforward Controls

Chadwick adjustments don't have to be learned. Minimal controls allow the user to adjust the chair to his or her body instantly with only a couple of effortless adjustments. Tilt Tension and Seat Height are standard controls, Tilt Stop is optional.




  • Frameless Flex Back fuses two elements: high performance elastomeric Flex Back Net cradles your back, providing integral lumbar support, and figure 8 structure enables multidimensional movement

  • Flex Seat offers 270 degrees of unobstructed seat edge flex with a buoyant two-piece cushion and nest structure

  • Continuous Lumbar carries the lumbar support from the back into the arms to support side sitting

  • The Dynamic Suspension™ offers weight-compensated, synchronized recline for a smooth,
    effortless ride

  • Flex Top folds over as armrest for side sitting

  • Tilt Preference Selector offers three ranges of recline movement

  • This chair has been tested and is approved for use by individuals weighing up to 300 pounds

  • This chair is warranted for 12 years, 24-hour, 7 days a week, multi shift use. See Knoll Selling Policy for further details, conditions and exclusions


  • Rated SMaRT© Sustainable Platinum

  • BIFMA level® 3 certified

  • GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold Certified

  • Can contribute to achieving 4 LEED® credits


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