Trevisa by Krug


From more than three years of extensive R&D, including consultation with several leading healthcare specifiers, comes Trevisa: a solution for patient rooms and other care-giving settings, methodically designed to set a new standard of excellence. We focused on learning the key challenges facing healthcare facilities, and the needs not being met by conventional casegoods products - and used this knowledge to create a more advanced design.

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A Better Way To Build Healthcare Furniture
Cabinets are constructed with mechanical cams, providing metal-to-metal joinery that lengthens the life of the product, especially when subject to moving and reconfiguring. This method of construction also allows damaged or degraded components of a cabinet to be removed and replaced.

Designed for Intensive Use
Trevisa is made with 3/4 inch thick panels, including back panels - heavier and stronger than the typical construction, these casegoods will stand up better and longer to the rigors of intensive use, intensive cleaning, and ongoing reconfiguring. Unlike many other products, bottom panels extend under the sides and back panels of cabinets with legs, and on any units with casters.

Infection Control
An important design criterion was to reduce the potential for moisture, bacteria and germs penetrating the surfaces and edges of the product - and so seamless thermo-formed vinyl tops are offered, and every exposed edge (including vents and panel bottoms) is banded.

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We'll contact you as soon as possible to discuss options, finishes and pricing.

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