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It isn’t easy developing a new entrant in an existing product category. To be recognized, the product needs to surprise with its range of functionality, it needs to bring an aesthetic that pleases the eye and, most importantly, it must offer provide a value proposition. Mission accomplished with Karma. Karma solidly satisfies a broad range of healthcare seating requirements from exam and patient rooms to waiting, meeting, administrative and cafeteria areas. And Karma has application well beyond healthcare environments.

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Designed for Comfort
The seat features an enhanced standard foam thickness, combined with our proprietary webbing suspension system, to provide superior comfort and a longer life cycle. The back is contoured and angled to provide supportive sitting.

Weight Capacity
Karma has been laboratory tested to meet a weight capacity of 500 lbs, in all versions: arm and armless, and all widths (including the bariatric size).

Wall Saver
The angle of the back and the rear legs are designed to keep the back away from the wall, to prevent wear and damage to both the chairs and to the walls of the facility.

Karma stacks 7 high on the floor, and 12 chairs on the dolly. The optional Underseat Cover can be specified to help prevent indenting of seat upholstery on chairs that will be stacked.

Underseat Cover
As an alternative to the standard dust cover under the seat, this option, in black polymer, closes off the underside of the chair, functioning as a cleanable Splashguard to protect the interior from moisture. It also assists in chair stacking, by distributing the weight to eliminate any indentations in the seat upholstery. 

Tandem Seating
Karma chairs, and inline tables, are designed to be instantly converted to (or ordered as) tandem seating. Armed and armless chairs can be connected - when joining arm chairs the positioning prevents a pinch point between the arms. Inline tables can be configured between chairs or as end tables and the tandem components can be easily removed to convert to freestanding.

Sled Base
Karma is available with an optional steel sled base. The base is supplied with nylon glides securely fastened for tamper resistance. Bases are available in the three finishes to match the frame (Silver Metallic, Matte Black and Polished Chrome).

Replaceable Components
Seats and backs are removable for cleaning, and are field-replaceable if they become degraded.

Floor Anchoring
Sled base can be supplied with additional holes to allow for fastening through to the floor.

Removable/Replaceable Upholstery Covers
Optional Removeable covers can be quickly installed on Karma products that were originally ordered with the Removable cover option. Replacement covers can also be installed on Karma products that were not originally ordered with the Removable cover option, with some simple staple removal.

Karma's black nylon glides are non-adjustable, non-marring, and field-replaceable if damaged or degraded.

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We'll contact you as soon as possible to discuss options, finishes and pricing.

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Antoine Gruson