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The ICE® software platform developed by DIRTT is at the core of what we do. It looks and acts like a 3D videogame where you can explore and modify your design. Behind the scenes, it’s doing the heavy lifting of specifying, pricing and actually building the elements you design. If you make a change, all that data changes in real-time. What you see is what you get – to the penny and within a decimal point of a millimeter, automatically. 

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We do it right… in front of your eyes and in real-time

ICE feeds your design directly into the DIRTT production facilities. We control things from here. You will be hard-pressed to hear us say “we’ll get back to on that.” You can make changes, get pricing and work within our local building codes. Our in-house Designers and Project Managers are fully versed in ICE and can take care of your needs for creating the perfect space for you.


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The DIRTT approach starts by democratizing design. Everyone explores in a graphical 3D world where all engineering and pricing is produced while you fly around and make changes to suit you. Once you're happy, the design feeds the DIRTT production facilities. What you see is what you get. Faster, cleaner, better and on budget.


Augmented Reality in Design

With ICE, we can capture vivid, realistic fly-throughs you can share with all your stakeholders so there are no surprises on move-in day for anyone. We’ve invested in technology so you can get an even deeper appraisal of the space and the best results possible.



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